We will start to gather at 11:00am in the parking lot at the corner of W. Palmer & S.
Church streets to begin the march at 12:00pm.  There will be some parking
available, however please be prepared to park on your own at a local parking lot if
necessary.  We must be obedient to all traffic signals, crosswalks, & cannot block
any traffic or pedestrians.  Please proceed with charity and attentiveness on this
matter.  This march is on the city sidewalks, we do not  have a shut down of any
roads. Police will be on bikes helping us to proceed with order.  Please read all the
pages on this web-site with picketing and sign regulations before coming.  We will
process to Trade & Tryon streets and line the four corners for approximately thirty
minutes while we have a priest preach and a pro-life witness speak at the
"Square".  Then we will proceed on to the courthouse at 401 W. Trade St.  There
we will pray five decades of the Rosary and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.  We
invite all of God's children to pray with us.  If you are not familiar with these
devotions please stay with us and pray and be a witness to the sanctity of human

If you work uptown...
join us on your lunch hour for part of the march!

The march is approximately a 1.2 mile walk from the
Pastoral Center to the Federal Courthouse.

If you are not able to physically  participate in the
entire march....you can park near the Federal
Courthouse at 401 W. Trade St. at a meter or pay for
parking at a parking lot and meet us at the
Courthouse to be a witness and pray!  We cannot give
an exact time that we will arrive at the Courthouse on
the march, but it could be approximately 1:15pm.

E-mail questions to: marchforlifecharlotte@windstream.net